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SUSPENSION, new photo book by Alvaro Deprit

We’re excited that SUSPENSION, the captivating new book of photographer Alvaro Deprit, will be hot off the press next week! The book takes us inside a ‘Casa Famiglia’, an institution where young immigrant boys are given a temporary home after arriving in Italy. Alvaro is the winner of the previous Viewbook PhotoStory - Small stories contest and this book is part of his prize. Viewbook independently publishes the book. Alvaro is coming to the UNSEEN - Photography Fair Amsterdam for the book presentation and we like to invite you to celebrate this with us. There’s a book signing at the Unseen Photo Fair and a presentation at the side event at Volkshotel that evening.


Book presentation & signing

SUSPENSION will be presented at Unseen Photo Festival. There will be a signing at the PhotoQ Book Stand, Saturday 20 September starting at 14:00.

Saturday 20th September, presentation and signing at the Unseen side event hosted byNew Dawn at Volkshotel, from 20:00 to 21:00.

SUSPENSION will first be available at the PhotoQ Bookshop at Unseen, and after that online as well as at selected stores.


About the book

The photo book SUSPENSION takes us inside a ‘Casa Famiglia’, an institution where young immigrant boys are welcomed and nurtured. They arrive after long and harsh journeys, often taking years, fleeing from their conflicted and war-torn home countries. Violence tore up their families and roots, and having left all behind in search of a better life, some of them found the Casa Famiglia. However, this safe haven is only temporary: when they turn 18, they’ll have to leave again.

Deprit gives us a glimpse of their everyday life ‘with respect and softness’, as curator Arianne Rinaldo notes. ‘It is like as if he is standing with them, capturing their intimate moments. No intrusion, no set up, no posing. Nothing special: the normal proceedings of adolescence.’ In doing so, we perceive ‘stillness, the wait, the suspended hope, the uncertain future.’

“On the one hand, I thought it was a very topical story regarding a controversial issue’ says Deprit, reflecting on the series. ‘On the other, I was curious about the idea of an unusual family environment and the dynamics which could be created in such a situation, as well as the effects on the life of an adolescent.„Alvaro Deprit


The book shows the full series and includes a ‘dossier’ giving additional context, by means of an essay by renowned photo editor and curator Arianne Rinaldo, and an interview with photographer Alvaro Deprit, exploring the subject of immigration and the creation of this series in particular.

About Alvaro Deprit

Alvaro Deprit is a Spanish-Italian photographer with a background in sociology. He is particularly interested in long-term projects on long-term subjects, such as immigration and cultural fragmentation. His work focuses on traces and symptoms left by these developments. Deprit is the winner of the Viewbook Photostory - Small Stories contest and this book is initiated and made possible as part of his prize. 

About Viewbook Photostory

Viewbook Photostory is an international competition that focuses on the narrative aspects of the photographic art form. The Photostory is a non-profit initiative by the founders of Viewbook. It was inspired by direct engagement with photographers and the desire to highlight artists whose work deserves greater recognition.


Book specifications

SUSPENSION by Alvaro Deprit

108 page leather softcover
Size 13,2 x 19,6
Includes interview by Arianne Rinaldo (OjodePez magazine)
Design: Koehorst in ‘t Veld

Signed edition of 250
Published by

Price: €25,-

December 17, 2012 at 11:03am
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Announcing the 2012 Winner

The finalists in this year’s Photostory proved to be as strong as they were diverse, and picking a winner was no easy task. After much deliberation, the jury chose ‘Suspension' by Alvaro Deprit as the winning series of the Photostory 2012. 


‘Suspension’ portrays young immigrants in Italy finding temporary refuge in the so-called ‘Case Famiglie’ (‘Family Homes’). Often times that have travelled thousands of kilometres, fleeing war, poverty and uncertainty. Having now found a ‘home’, they find themselves in a relatively tranquil place. However, it’s a temporary tranquility. In Deprits words: ‘they live suspended between two worlds; they are on hold, waiting for what will come. […] Once they reach adulthood, they will again find themselves facing the external world outside the home, often without any sort of purpose.’

Alvaro Deprit was born in Spain in 1977. He studied German Philology in Germany and Sociology in Italy. Currently he lives in Rome and Istanbul. His interests include the modernisation of Turkey and immigration in Europe, which he explores in various forms, including photography.

The jury praises the series for its way of conveying the state of mind of the youth portrayed: ‘the Casa Famiglie is a place of limbo and transition. Not knowing their fate, the young people who live there only have their imagination to draw a picture of their future. This state of mind is beautifully visualised in Deprit’s photographs of daily life.’

Alvaro’s award will be in the form of a book publication and a travelling exhibition kit. The book and exhibition kit will be designed by renowned designers, and will provide a different perspective and a new way to interact with the work. 

The Photostory contest is a non-profit initiative by the founders of Viewbook. It was inspired by direct engagement with photographers, and the desire to present engaging photographic work through different media.

See the series here.

December 11, 2012 at 11:00am
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Announcing the 2012 Nominees

An abundance of incredibly strong work was submitted to this years Photostory, interpreting the theme of ‘Small Stories’ in a myriad of ways. In the past weeks the jurors have been selecting their favourites. Now we’re happy to present the resulting list of nominees. In alphabetical order:

Atomic War in Details - Justin Barton
The Blind Beast - Michel le Belhomme
Wonderland - Wiktor Dabkowski
Suspension - Alvaro Deprit
The Story of One Man - Maxim Dondyuk
A Hall Full of Cinema - Kauser Haider
Julian and Jonathan - Sarah Mei Herman
Losing Ground - Matt Kay
Gangsterism - Gianmarco Panucci
The Edge Effect - Natalia Pokrovskaya
Other Stories / Historias Bravas - Karen Miranda Rivadeneira
Russian Interiors - Andy Rocchelli
What Remains - Naman Prorick Sarker
The Hidden School - Alessandro Vincenzi

Individual motivations by the jury can be found underneath the series.
The selection reflects the broadness of the submissions, thematically as well as stylistically. Though it won’t be easy, it will be all the more interesting to see which winner will be distilled from this list to become the finalist of Photostory 2012, to be announced Monday 17 December, 2012.

November 27, 2012 at 5:39am
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Introducing Juror Sam Barzilay, NYC, USA

Sam Barzilay started his career as a visual artist and a documentary photographer. Over the past few years he has made a name for himself by either founding, directing, or curating several major photography festivals, including the New York Photo Festival. He currently serves as the creative director of United Photo Industries which is an “art-presenting cooperative dedicated to identifying, harnessing, and occasionally conjuring unexpected exhibition opportunities.” Sam and United Photo Industries brought us Photoville last summer, a pop-up photo festival, and they offer a steady stream of amazing programming for residents of Brooklyn and the rest of the world. It would be an understatement to say that this guy has his finger on the pulse of what is going on in the photography world. We greatly admire his work, and we are proud to have him onboard as one of our jurors.

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Anton Sokolov - Present Simple

View Present Simple
Photography and voice: Anton Sokolov

November 22, 2012 at 9:32am
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Introducing Juror Thomas Dworzak, NYC, USA

Jury chair Ineke Smits introduced us to Magnum photographer Thomas Dworzak, and we’re very pleased to announce that he’ll be a juror. Dworzak was born in 1972 in Germany. Towards the end of high school he started travelling, studying and photographing in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. He has been moving ever since. Dworzak photographs mostly in areas of conflict. In the 90’s he covered the wars in the former republic of Yugoslavia and Israël. After 9/11, The New Yorker assigned Dworzak to photograph in Afghanistan. It was around this time that Magnum nominated him, becoming a member in 2004. More recently he photographed in Iraq, Iran, Haïti as well as the very recent wars in Libya and Egypt. We’re grateful to have his critically sharp eye in our jury.

Portrait: © Thomas Dworzak

November 19, 2012 at 11:30am
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Tommaso Barsali - Hulk’s Toys

View Hulk’s Toys
Photography and voice: Tommaso Barsali

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Introducing Juror Erik Vroons, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In addition to being a longtime associate, juror Erik Vroons is a writer, curator, and a tastemaker. Since getting his degree in media studies from the University of Amsterdam he has worked as all of these things, but we know him best as the as the chief editor of GUP magazine. In his position as editor he is accustomed to looking at the work of exciting emerging artists as well as established favorites, and he is the guy who says, “Yes, it’s in,” or “No, it’s out.” He has a keen eye for trends in photography, and he excels at nurturing raw talent. We feel that having him in the jury is a win, win, win situation for you, him, and Viewbook. Our relationship with Erik has been a long and loving one, and it’s great to have him onboard for Photostory 2012.

November 14, 2012 at 7:03am
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Aleksey Myakishev - Kolodozero

View Kolodozero
Photography and voice: Aleksey Myakishev

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Introducing partner GUP Magazine

‘Guide to Unique Photography’, that’s what acronym GUP stands for, and as such it has been spreading its love for photography since 2005. The magazine started out as a print-publication, now available in 24 countries. These days they also actively communicate with their community via their website and through Facebook and Twitter. With their network of hundreds of internationally renowned photographers and a readership in the tens of thousands, they have become an authoritative voice in the art photography world, and that is one of the reasons we asked them to work with us when we were putting the first Photostory together. GUP is one of Photostory’s original partners, and working with them on this third edition of Photostory feels like being home.

November 6, 2012 at 9:00am
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Justin Barton - Atomic War in Details

View Atomic War in Details
Photography and voice: Justin Barton
Audio recording: Max Krook

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Introducing Juror Roberto Lopardo, Dubai, UAE

Our Jury chair, Ineke Smits, introduced us to Roberto Lopardo, and it is with great enthusiasm that we introduce him to you. Roberto is a native of Brooklyn, New York and has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is currently the Managing Director of Cuadro Gallery in Dubai, as well as professor of photography at the American University in Dubai, where his emphasis lies on teaching documentary and art photography. His own work, including the recent project ‘Mapping Dubai' – a light-box wall consisting of 1440 images taken over the course of a day – has been exhibited worldwide. In recent years, Robert curated multiple exhibitions of emerging artists including No More [In]security, Basically Human, Rituals of Dinner, and Latent Discoveries. We are very pleased to have him with us as a juror for Photostory 2012.

October 31, 2012 at 11:56am
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Anastasia Bogomolova - Vanguard

My name is Anastasia Bogomolova. I’m from Ural town Kasli in Russia. Fifteen years ago I moved with my family from Kazakhstan to this town and found myself in seventh class of high school. It was the firing line. Lessons, sports, dramatics, academic competitions… Without rest our class existed up to the graduation from the school. We always had to be with the best results. But we suffered a complete defeat in personal relationships. Exactly ten years after graduation I went back to my school and tried to cope with these memories. The starting point for me was another seventh class. The only cadet class in Kasli. The first in everything. Called ‘Vanguard’.

View Vanguard
Photography and voice: Anastasia Bogomolova

October 30, 2012 at 11:34am
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Introducing Jury Chair Ineke Smits, Rotterdam, NL

Ineke Smits has built  a long and illustrious career out of telling stories. As a filmmaker it is her job to communicate ideas and feelings to people, and she truly understands how to find the story in any set of circumstances. After receiving her masters degree from the National Film and Television School in England, she went on to work on a series of short films for the prestigious Dutch broadcasters VPRO and NTR.
Later she receive the Nipkow Fellowship to fund an extended work period in Berlin, and she has several documentary and feature films to her credit, including Magonia, Putin’s Mama, and most recently The Aviatrix of Kazbek. Ineke makes up one half of the Rotterdam based script consultancy and project development firm Stout & Smit, so when she’s not working on her own projects she’s actively helping other people realize theirs. Her current projects include a multi-media project with our own Paul Swagerman, another with film critic Dana Linssen, and she is planning a documentary about forensic doctor, Koos van Leeuwen.
She brings all this experience with her to help us find this year’s Photostory winner. We are immensely pleased to have her as our head juror, and you should be equally pleased to have her viewing your work.

October 18, 2012 at 8:46am
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Yang Zhou - Bridge Back Home

My name is Yang and I was born in Shanghai, China. The series “Bridge Back Home” is taken here within my family. It was at first intended to be a document of my grandparents’ daily life, but as the project grows, I find it is really a way to connect me and my family. In our culture obedience is more important than communication and affection within the family, so I always feel not understood. Now my grandma got dementia, was in hospital for a while and then sent to a nursery house. I take photos in every stage and every time we visit her and teaches my mum to do so. In this process my mum begin to understand what I try to do and what I feel.

View Bridge Back Home
Photography and voice: Yang Zhou